Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Saturday Turkey attaches great importance to Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and urged immediate end to occupation of Azerbaijan. "We believe it is time for this," Gul told the opening ceremony of the summit meeting of leaders of Turkic-speaking countries held in Azeirbaijan's Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.

Armenia invaded Azerbaijan's Upper Karabakh in 1993. Turkey cut all diplomatic ties with Armenia after the invasion. However, Turkey and Armenia were having talks recently to normalize relations.

President Gul said Turkey was eager to pursue an active friend policy instead of passive neighbor policy.

"In this sense, we are trying to contribute to solution to all problems having impacts on our country directly or indirectly," Gul said.

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"It is now time for permanent solution to all disputes in Caucasia, especially the one between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the basis of preservation of territorial integrity of countries in the region," Gul said.

"We attach great importance to Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and believe that occupation of Azerbaijani territory should come to an end as soon as possible. We want Karabakh issue to be resolved by means of diplomacy and dialogue. We want peace in Caucasia. But, without doubt, it will begin when the occupation is over," he added.


Photo: AA