Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that the protocol to normalize relations with Armenia would be signed before the soccer game between Turkish and Armenian national teams. Davutoglu held a news conference to give information about his contacts during the UN General Assembly meetings in New York and the foreign policy agenda in October.

Asked whether the border crossing would be opened for a day for the game, Davutoglu said, "we need to assess the process to make a decision to open border crossing."

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Turkey will play against Armenia on October 14 in the World Cup European Group Five qualifying round to keep hopes to play in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 alive.

Replying to another question about results of the elections in Germany, Davutoglu told reporters, "those are the elections reflecting the free will of German people. Therefore, we have to respect them. On the other hand, any election cannot cause a radical change in rooted relations between Turkey and Germany. Also, Turkey-the EU relations are based on international commitments. We do not suppose that results of any elections could affect those commitments."

Asked whether the problem regarding the Democratic Society Party (DTP) deputies would be discussed during the meetings with the EU in October, Davutoglu said, "it is not possible to separate domestic and international developments from each other in today's international conjuncture. Turkey is a state of law. And norms of this state are certain. No one can has any legal privileges. I hope that we will overcome this problem without a crisis."