Showcasing a Diverse Blend of Modern Turkish Art Including Sculpture and Ceramics

Ten leading Turkish modern artists, competitively selected by ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery, will be featured presenters at the 20th International Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Fair (SOFA Chicago), October 31 - November 3 at the Chicago Navy Pier Festival Hall.

The prestigious three-day event brings together groundbreaking modern artists, sculptors, designers, curators and collectors from around the world for a series of exhibits, lectures, and discussions.

The ten artists will exhibit at SOFA Chicago under the joint sponsorship of ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery and the Turkish Cultural Foundation (TCF), a U.S. non-profit organization that promotes and preserves Turkish culture worldwide. This is the seventh year that TCF has sponsored Turkish artists at SOFA and the second year that it has partnered with ARMAGGAN Art and Design Gallery in Istanbul to curate the selection.

"The Turkish Cultural Foundation is proud to introduce Turkish artists to the international art audience at SOFA," said Guler Koknar, TCF Executive Director. "The works on display reflect Turkey’s progressive, vibrant modern art scene, as well as its cultural and artistic heritage."

The ten artists include:

Aslı Kutluay  - An artist and designer who discovered her passion after winning a silver medal in Shankar’s International Children’s Competition at the age of 10. After receiving an undergraduate degree in industrial design from the Middle East Technical University and a graduate degree in graphic design from Bilkent University, Kutluay founded her own design office. Her work has ranged from vehicle dressing to furniture to interior design.

Ayşegül Kırmızı - An Istanbul-born painter who uses soft colors and touches to explore female softness, sentimentality, and obstinacy. In her fairy-tale-like works, through which women are portrayed, the relationship between humans and animals is addressed as one of the important aspects of life. Ayşegül Kırmızı takes nature and animals as an allegorical symbol.

Gamze Araz Eskinazi  - After a nine-year career in interior design, Eskinazi, co-founder of Camekan, studied glass blowing under artists from around the world and has worked with teams on both large and small scaled projects that range from one of a kind pieces to large architectural installations.

Yasemin Sayınsoy  - A student of glass blowing under some of the greatest Italian, American and Czech glass artists, including Boyd Suguki, Petr Novotny, and Rob Stern, Sayinsoy has participated in exhibitions around Turkey and in Finland and is co-founder of Camekan.

Dilek Aydıncıoğlu - With an interdisciplinary approach and a strong artistic family background, Aydıncıoğlu explores the contemporary dynamics of ceramics and its uses in both sound and visual arts. Her works have been exhibited in solo and group shows, and can be found in corporate and private collections.

Dincer Gungorur  - A sculptor who embraces a figurative style through the use of marble, in 2007 he established a workshop with his wife, who is also a sculptor, and has participated in personal and collective exhibitions.

Meral Deger  - Her award winning work has been exhibited across Europe and she has lectured at Yildiz Technical University in İstanbul at the Department of Applied Arts. She received her Master’s degree from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 1983 and went on to study jewelry design and glass design. 

Nadia Arditti  In her sculpture, Nadia is carried away by a woman`s loves and desires, her self-doubts and happy moments, and her inner strengths and outer reaches. Using wax, she brings warm femininity to metallic cold and sheds patina light on obscure desires.

Pembe Tüzüner’s runs her own atelier in Tarabya, İstanbul. Her interest in sculpture began with the Yunus Tonkuş workshops in 2002, where she continued until 2008. In addition to this education she also took theory lesson on sculpture art from Associate Professor Seda Yavuz at Simya gallery between 2007 and 2010.

Semra Özümerzifon  - After moving to Switzerland in 1980 she attended Geneva Academy of Fine-Arts (1981-1984), where she studied painting and drawing in the workshops of Axel Ernst and Pascal Saini. She has won awards at international art competitions in France and Italy and was attributed the titles of “Associate Academician” and “Academic Knight” by International Academy Greci-Marino and Academy of Verbano.