Erdogan owns Turkey's Offer to Send Peshmerga to Kobani

The Turkish president has also said the decision to airdrop weapons inside Kobani is 'wrong' because some of it is now in ISIL hands.

Erdogan owns Turkey's Offer to Send Peshmerga to Kobani
The Turkish president has also said the decision to airdrop weapons inside Kobani is 'wrong' because
Pentagon Says One Resupply Bundle Possibly in ISIL hands
State Department says two stray bundles are not reason enough to reconsider additional drops.
Israeli Projectile Kills Palestinian Boy in Gaza
The boy, 4, was killed in the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanoun when a projectile left behind
Turkey Expects EU to Reject Complaint by Greek Cypriots
Turkey's EU Minister Bozkir expects EU to reject Greek Cypriots' complaint aimed at halting Turkey
US Urges Stronger Cooperation over ISIL Recruits
John Kerry expresses gratitude to Germany after three US youths held on suspicion of travelling to S
TCA Turkish American Youth Leadership Congress Concludes
Twenty-nine young Turkish Americans traveled to Washington, DC from across the country to participat
EU Sets 'Red Lines' For Israel In West Bank, Jerusalem
 “The EU considers the preservation of the two state solution a priority,” the document obt
Pentagon Says Situation in Kobani Still ‘Tenuous’
A spokesperson says Kobani may still fall to the ISIL terror group despite U.S. airstrikes and arm s
Iran Vows To Help Iraq in Fighting ISIL
Iranian President Rouhani called for end to financing of terrorist groups.
Turkey’s First National Car Brand To Be Electric: Minister
Turkey has a new window of opportunity for a national car brand via electric cars, Industry and Tech
Turkish PM Announces Bill Empowering Law Enforcement
Prime Minister Davutoglu explains use of new powers will be monitored by a parliamentary rights watc
Turkey Won't Bow To Unfair Criticism from West: Erdogan
"We are taking the same measures as Europe and the U.S. regarding security," says Erdogan, defending
“Peshmerga Have Not Yet Entered Kobani”
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu calls for support for the Free Syrian Army fighting ISL
US Welcomes Turkey Allowing Peshmerga To Cross Into Kobani
State Dept. pleased that Turkey will facilitate crossing of Iraqi Kurdish forces through Turkey into
Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To 5 Years For Culpable Homicide
The double amputee athlete was accused of murdering his model-girlfriend
Possible US Serial Killer Confesses To Killing 7 Women
Police says investigation may lead to other victims.
Turkish Authorities Detain 18 in Wiretapping Probe
Ankara prosecutors have detained 18 suspects in a probe of illegal wiretapping, security s
MHP Official: Gülenists Tried Sneaking Into Party
The Deputy Chairman of the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Tuğrul Türkeş confessed th
Turkey Helping Pesmerga Access Kobani: Cavusoglu
Mevlut Cavusoglu says US' aerial resupply of Kurdish forces in Syrian border town is 'within the sco
US Resupplies Kurdish Forces in Kobani
US carries out air drops of small arms, ammunition and medical supplies overnight Sunday
UN Official Says No Agreement on 'Buffer Zone' In Syria
UN's head relief official says a 'buffer zone' inside Syria would require a UN Security Council reso
“Russia Supplying Weapons to Iraq, Syria”
Russian FM says only UN Security Council has right to form coalition against ISIL
Al-Qaeda Captures Central Yemen District
With the rising influence of Al-Qaeda, the Yemeni government and people now appear sandwiched betwee
US Destroys Supplies to Militia Fighting At Syrian Border
A stary bundle of supplies of small arms and medical supplies to the Kurdish militia fighting ISIL w
Turkey 'Effective' In Bid for Visa-Free Travel: EU
EU Commission releases its first report on the progress Turkey has made towards lifting visa obligat
Turkey, US Discuss Fight Against ISIL
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Barack Obama have spoken over the phone to discuss the
Bosnia Herzegovina: 'Wise King' Izetbegovic Commemorated
Bosniak politician Alija Izetbegovic, who brought independence to his home country, is remembered in
Turkey Can Set Up Safe Haven: Deputy PM
Numan Kurtulmus says area for refugees can be established at any time inside Turkey's borders as a s
Bid To List Parallel State As Top Security Threat: Erdogan
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declares fight with 'parallel state' could be classified as a nationa
US Conference Imposes Sanctions On Extremist Groups, Assad
Washington conference targeted terror groups and Assad regime's financial network.
Jewish Lawmaker Slams UK Gov't Over Palestine Vote
Gerald Kaufman calls government 'cowardly' after ministers abstain from Palestine statehood recognit
Former Gülenist Continues Confessions About The Movement
A well-known former figure of the Gülen Movement, columnist Hüseyin Gülerce, describes Gülenist
Israeli Govt Ministers Slam Kerry's ISIL Remarks
Kerry's claim that failure of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks strengthens ISIL is encouraging gl
Gülenist Structure To Be Defined In Red Book
As Turkey prepares to hold a National Security Council (MGK) meeting at the end of October, insiders
Biden's Youngest Son Expelled From Navy amid Drug Report
Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter is expressing regret for being discharged from the Navy Reserv
Turkey’s Aviation Sector to Carry 170 Million Passengers by End-2014
Turkey's aviation sector aims to carry around 170 million domestic and international passengers by t
Pig's Head, Hate Slogans at Athens Muslim Center
Unknown attackers have placed a severed pig's head and painted swears and anti-Muslim slogans outsid
Turkey Launches New Strategy For EU Accession
Turkey has prepared a new communication strategy to ensure the public views an accurate picture of t
US Confirms Direct Engagement With Syrian-Kurdish Group
The U.S. will continue to engage with the PYD, according to the State Department.
Davutoglu: Palestinian Struggle Symbolizes All Oppressed
Turkey embraced the million Syrian refugees on its territory with the same fervor it has for the Pal
Obama Considers Creating Ebola 'Czar'
Deadly virus, which has killed more than 4,000 people in West Africa, causing fears in US after deat
UN Elects Five New Members To The Security Council
Spain beat out Turkey for a temporary seat on U.N. Security Council.
Turkish Airlines To Maintain Africa Destinations
Turkish Airlines will not reduce any of its flights to Africa because of the worldwide Ebola virus t
Fighting ISIL Calls For 'Unconventional Forces'
Opposition fighters in Syria that are not members of terrorist groups could be brought to Turkey for
Pentagon: Baghdad is Secure From ISIL
A Pentagon spokesman said the Iraqi capital and airport are not in imminent danger from ISIL.
Israel Okays Turkish Floating Generator For Gaza: PA Official
Israeli authorities have given preliminary approval to the Turkish power-generating ship to anchor a
Turkish PM Calls For 'All Inclusive' Syria Strategy
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has also said safe zones be built along the Turkish border in norther
Turkey in Last-Minute Lobbying For Security Council Bid
Turkish foreign minister hosts reception in New York to drum up support for this year's U.N. Securit
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Türkiye ile ABD Arasındaki Zaman Farkı 1 Saat Azalacak
“PYD ve PKK’ya Verilecek Destek Kabul Edilemez”
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