Turkish FM: Politicians Should Do Duty to Secure Nation

Turkey's political parties should perform their duty when voting on authorizing troop deployments in Iraq and Syria, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says

Turkish FM: Politicians Should Do Duty to Secure Nation
Turkey's political parties should perform their duty when voting on authorizing troop deployments in
Turkish Workers Return from Libya
369 workers repatriated on Turkish Airlines flight due to deteriorating security situation.
Basketball: Mehmet Okur Named Team Ambassador For Jazz
Former 'Utah Jazz' team player Mehmet Okur returned to his team as "team ambassador", according to t
Gaza Resumes Exports For 1st Time After Israeli War
At least 30 tons of sweet potatoes were exported to Europe on Monday, the first export shipment to b
Knesset Member Slams Netanyahu's UN Address
"The speech did not deliver good news for Israelis, who are desperate for hope," Yachimovich, a form
Turkish Workers Return From Libya
369 workers repatriated on Turkish Airlines flight due to deteriorating security situation.
Davutoglu: Failure To Support Democracy Led To ISIL
The rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is caused by the world's failure to suppor
Erdogan: European Ruling on Religious Classes Was Wrong
Turkish president says that religious culture and ethics classes help to fight drug use, violence an
US Mistaken About Iraqi Army and ISIL: Obama
The U.S. underestimated ISIL and overestimated the ability of the Iraqi army, says President Obama
Turkey Sends Plane to Libya to Evacuate Nationals
The Turkish Airlines flight will collect 270 workers from Misurata and take them to Istanbul
Turkey, Russia Energy Deal Intact, Turkish Energy Min
Turkish energy minister said Turkey and Russia energy cooperation is intact, despite political diffe
Turkey Deploys Tanks to Syrian Border
The Turkish army positioned tanks along the border at Suruc after mortar bombs landed on Turkish ter
Turkish Side Asks UN for Summit on Cyprus
President Dervis Eroglu asked UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to become more involved in resolving
Uighur Academic's Prison Sentence Shows Chinese Oppression, Says Activist
The World Uighur Congress chairwoman Khadeer Rebiya called China's sentencing of an Uighur
160,000 Syrian Kurds Enter Turkey From Kobani
A total of 160,335 Syrian Kurds have fled to Turkey in the last week alone, escaping from ISIL attac
Ebola Death Toll in West Africa Passes 3,000
The Ebola death toll in West Africa rose to 3,083, the World Health Organization (WHO) said&nbs
US-Led Coalition Strikes ISIL Near Turkish Border
The U.S. led coalition conducted several strikes on ISIL around the Kurdish populated city of Kobani
Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry Criticizes UAE's Statements
Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statament regarding the statement published by the
US: Coalition Avoiding Civilian Casualties in Campaign
“As of course you know, you can’t reduce it to zero,” said chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Sta
Abbas Calls For Israel To Stop Occupation in Gaza
Abbas pleaded for halt to both attacks and occupation in Gaza during the United Nations 69th General
Turkey To Play 'Constructive' Role in Anti-Isll Coalition
Turkey will play a "constructive" role in anti-ISlL coalition, said Turkish foreign minist
No Fly and Safe Zone, Turkey's Priorities in Syria: Erdogan
'Turkey cannot remain indifferent with the terrorist activities at our border,' Turkish President sa
Turkish PM: AK Party Still Strong after Transition of Power
Ahmet Davutoglu briefed provincial chairmen of the AK Party on the government's various efforts and
ISIL Violence Provokes Islamophobia in West: Rights Groups
'Islamophobia in the West is as strong as it was after 9/11 attacks', says chairperson of London-bas
160,000 Syrian Kurds Enter Turkey from Kobani
Davutoglu announces that the figure has reached 160,335 since Turkey opened the border crossing last
Iraq PM Says ISIL Plotting Attacks On NY, Paris Metros
Haider al-Abadi says Iraq has information that ISIL plans to bomb New York City and Paris metro stat
Cooperation with ISIL Unacceptable, Says Turkish Energy Minister
"It is out of the question that Turkey will supply any kind of financial support for ISIL. Neither p
Leading Turkish Charity Spends 700 Million Lira on Refugees in 4 Years
Aid organisation, Turkish Red Cresent has spent 700 million Turkish lira ($310 million) on aid for S
Erdogan Attends New York's ‘Love of Prophet’ Exhibition
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly,
US Removes Diplomats From Yemen Amid Clashes
The U.S. government has ordered a temporary reduction in the number of its personnel in Ye
China: '50 Killed, 54 Injured' In Blasts in Xinjiang
At least 50 people killed, 54 others injured after four separate explosions in northwest Xinjiang Ui
Ebola A Global Security Threat, Obama Says
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is growing into a regional and global security threat, U.S. P
Turkey Denies Nuclear Weapons Plans
Turkey has denied media claims that it is planning to develop nuclear weapons.
Turkish FM Dismisses Claims That Turkey Insisted To Hold Meeting With Egypt
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on Thursday dismissed the claims that Turkey insisted
TCA Presents $100,000 Donation to Aid Flood Relief Efforts in Bosnia
On September 17, the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) presented a donation of $ 100,000 to the Mar
Human Tragedy In Syria To Continue With Assad, Says Turkish FM
The long-simmering human tragedy in Syria will continue as long as the country's president Bashar al
No One Is Innocent When Children Are Killed, Erdoğan Says At UNGA
"In a world children are being murdered, no one is innocent, no one has security of life, and no one
Syria: Kobani 'Could Face Massacre' By ISIL
ISIL could repeat August's Sinjar massacre in which more than 20,000 Ezidis were killed, warns Syria
Erdogan: Turkey Can't Cope With Foreign Fighters Alone
Foreign terrorist fighters threat should be addressed starting with the countries of origin where th
US Sanctions Two Dozen Entities As Air Strikes Continue
The U.S. sanctioned two-dozen entities for participating in or supporting the activities of sev
Red Notice Likely To Be Issued Against Fethullah Gülen
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that there could be a red notice issued against U.S.-based imam
Turkey Denies Its Airspace Used In Syria Attacks
The Turkish prime minister's office denies that Turkish airspace or its air base at Incirlik was use
The Turkish Town Transformed By Refugee Crisis
Border town's regular population has more than doubled as Syrian refugees flee ISIL rebels. Amid the
Obama Meets Arab Leaders From US-Led Coalition
U.S. President Barack Obama met with U.S.-led coalition partners from Arab nations that participated
US Announces Three New Strikes in Syria, Iraq
Strikes mark the first time that the U.S. used the F-22 fifth-generation fighter.
Erdogan: Turkey Will Stand Firm Against Terrorism
President Erdogan says Turkey fought against al-Qaeda and will take the same stance against ISIL.
Kerry: Sentencing Of Uighur Professor 'Retribution'
“Peaceful dissent is not a crime,” said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.
Turkey Supports Anti-ISIL Operations: President
Roadmap [in fight against ISIL] should be maintained with resolution, Turkish President Erdogan says
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