EU To Name New Head Of Council, Foreign Chief

28 members of EU council gather in summit on Saturday to discuss EU and int'l affairs and elect new leaders to head the council and run EU foreign policy over the next two years.

EU To Name New Head Of Council, Foreign Chief
28 members of EU council gather in summit on Saturday to discuss EU and int'l affairs and elect new
Regime Attacks Kill 64 in Syria
Attacks by Syrian regime forces have killed at least 71 people across Syria, opposition activists cl
Turkey Celebrates 92nd Victory Day
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan receives Turkey's top brass and bureaucrats as well as foreign ambass
Leaders Congratulate Turkey's New PM
US State Secretary Kerry and Azeri President Aliyev congratulate Prime Minister Davutoglu on his ina
Turkish American Community Nationwide Celebrates Turkish Victory Day
US Delivers Weapons to Lebanon
U.S. Ambassador in Beirut David Hale said the U.S. was working to provide all the weapons and ammuni
Turkish Premier Announces New Cabinet
Turkey's newly appointed Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced his Cabinet on Friday, a day
Turkey, Germany Ministers Discuss Spying Claims
Interior Minister Ala meets German counterpart on Friday, says intelligence officials of both countr
Turkey Will Turn the Lights On In Gaza
An official from Turkish ship company sending floating-power generating ship to Gaza says the electr
Canadian Lawmaker Speaks Of Fear Of Criticizing Israel
Canadian lawmaker has spoken out about how criticizing the Israeli attacks on Gaza prompted her to l
Turkey's Foreign Trade Deficit Shrinks Again
Official data show that Turkish foreign trade deficit fell for the seventh consecutive month.
A 'New Turkey' Is Born, Says New President Erdogan
Former Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan officially became president on Thursday
Davutoglu Says Farewell to Turkish Foreign Ministry
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said goodbye to staff as he waits to become prime minister
Israel Hasn't Let Building Supplies into Gaza: Contractors
"So far, there is nothing new in terms of allowing construction materials into Gaza through the Kere
President Erdogan Takes the Oath of the Office
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sworn-in in a ceremony at the Turkish Grand National Assembly
Davutoglu Says Farewell to Turkish Foreign Ministry
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said goodbye to staff as he waits to become prime minister
US Mobilizes Allies to Build Coalition Against IS
The United States begins to mobilize a broad coalition of allies to take on the threat of Islamic St
US Policy Favours Selling Of Kurdish Oil
The overturning by a U.S. court on Monday not to to seize a tanker off the
Israel Allows Gaza Fishing 6 Miles Off Coast
Israeli authorities on Thursday allowed Palestinian fishermen to ply their trade up to six
Opposition Leader To Boycott Erdogan Cerenomy
CHP chief Kilicdaroglu says he will not attend Erdogan's presidential inauguration cerenomy in parli
Turkish Plane To Bring More Palestinians
A Turkish air force plane left Ankara Thursday morning bound for Israel to collect 33 injured Palest
Davutoglu Elected Leader of Turkey's Ruling Party
Turkey's Prime Minister-in-waiting Ahmet Davutoglu received the votes of 1,382 delegates at the AK P
ATAA Remembers Victims of Armenian Terrorism
On this day... August 27, 1982 - Ottawa, Canada
Turkey's President-Elect Extends Olive Branch to Opponents
'I extend my hand again on behalf of my party, government and the movement that I am the leader of,'
Davutoglu: AK Party Is 'Epitome of Turkish People'
Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party's new Chairman Ahmet Davutoglu said his party will con
US Begins Syria Spy Flights on Islamic State
United States President Barack Obama has authorized surveillance of Islamic State bases in Syria.
Kerry: US Backs Gaza Ceasefire, Says Challenges Ahead
America's top diplomat called for Israeli and Palestinian officials to abide by a recently brok
Turkey Becoming Key Player in Medical Tourism
Turkey is emerging as one of the destinations for medical tourism as the country tries to boost
Euphoria in West Bank Over Gaza 'Victory'
The streets of the West Bank have been bustling with celebrations through the night as Palestinians
Obama To Islamic State: America Does Not Forget
The president's comments follow the release of a video of the beheading of American journalist James
Palestinians Celebrate Gaza Ceasefire
Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday to celebrate a ceasef
US Academic's Career Suffers Due To Anti-Israel Tweets
U.S. academic Steven Salaita's contract withdrawn by an american university, which brought the limit
Ezidis Praise 'Tolerant Turkey' Amid Iraq Crisis
Anadolu Agency talks to members of secretive religious community which is facing persecution and mur
IS Earns $3 Million from Oil Sales Every Day, Expert Says
According to our sources in the region, we know that IS earns $3 million each day from oil sales, In
1000 Gaza Children Disabled By Israeli Onslaught: NGO
At least 2133 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed and nearly 11,000 others injured in I
'Oil is At The Root Of US Air Strikes in Iraq'
Experts describe the American strategy in Iraq as one of creating a secure environment for oil produ
Demand For Justice At Michael Brown's Funeral
“Mike Brown represented all the young black men and women who struggle in America.”
Save Iraqi Turkmens In Amirli
Urge the U.S. government to help prevent the massacre of Iraq's Turkic-speaking minority
Armenian FM to Attend President Erdoğan's Inauguration
As the number of foreign leaders and representatives of international organizations to attend Presid
Journalists Speak Out Over Press Clampdown in Ferguson
Detained journalist: 'It’s upsetting and disturbing to see journalists treated the way that they h
Michael Brown’s Father Appeals for ‘Day of Silence’
Thousands are expected to attend the funeral of Michael Brown, whose death has sparked anger against
Iconic Istanbul Shop Lives to See another Day
The mayor of Besiktas has told the couple who manage Pando Kaymak, a 119-year old breakfast shop in
Turkey, Twitter Meet for the Third Time in Istanbul
Twitter representatives held a third meeting with Turkish officials in Istanbul, discussing various
Israeli Strike in Gaza Kills Palestinian Reporter
This brings to 14 the total number of journalists killed during Israel's weeks-long onslaught on the
Efforts 'Underway' To Reach Gaza Ceasefire: Hamas
"Egypt proposed a one-month ceasefire, with the option to extend it, between the Palestinians and Is
Russia Accuses NATO Chief Of Lying
As tension grows between Russia and the West, the Russian Foreign Ministry alleged 'another lie' by
US: AA Reporter in Ferguson Suffered Trauma, Med Report Says
U.S. doctors have confirmed in a medical report that the Anadolu Agency journalist detained&nbs
US: Obama Orders Review Of Police's Military Supplies
U.S. President Barack Obama ordered on Saturday a review of programs that enable law enforcement to
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Zeybekci: Türk İstihbaratının İşi Dinletmemektir
ABD ile İlişkiler, Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan’ın "Öncelikli Gündeminde"
ABD’nin IŞİD’e Karşı Beynelmilel Koalisyonuna Türkiye de Dahil
‘Henüz Stratejimiz Yok’ Açıklamasına Tepki Yağıyor
Chuck Hagel Türkiye'ye Gidiyor
Pentagon: IŞİD Operasyonlarının Günlük Maliyeti 7,5 Milyon Dolar
ABD Basını: Türkiye'deki En Güçlü Lider Erdoğan
“IŞİD'den ABD Topraklarına Tehdit Yok”
AK Parti'nin Yeni A Takımı
"Erdoğan Türkiye’nin En Güçlü Adamı"
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