US: Shelling Of UN School In Gaza 'Indefensible'

White House press secretary Josh Earnest says there is little doubt that UN school was shelled by Israel.

US: Shelling Of UN School In Gaza 'Indefensible'
White House press secretary Josh Earnest says there is little doubt that UN school was shelled by Is
4 Gazans Killed By Israel Shelling In Gaza
According to eyewitnesses, Israeli forces fired several shells toward Palestinians in the area.
Turks Vote for President in Over 50 Countries
Turkey sees huge operation to provide almost three million members of its diaspora with the right to
Erdogan: Israeli Genocide Reminiscent Of Holocaust
Turkish PM says the 'cries of innocent children killed by Israel will not remain unanswered'
ATAA Remembers Victims of Armenian Terrorism
On this day... July 31, 1980 - Athens, Greece
Gaza's Death Toll from Israel's Attacks Rises To 1390
The Health Ministry says the new fatalities raise to 1363 Gaza's death toll from Israel's war, which
Israel's UN School Attack 'Potential War Crime'
Israel's attack on UN school is condemned by international humanitarian organization, Amnesty.
US Complicit In Gaza Killings, American Muslims Leaders
Israel spoiled by unlimited and unconditional support by U.S. administration, says head of Council o
US Lawmakers to Sue President Obama
Republican lawmakers vote to sue the President for alleged improper use of his executive authority o
Israel Says Ready For 'Serious' Gaza Ceasefire Proposal
At least 1363 Palestinians have been killed and over 7000 others injured in unrelenting Israeli atta
Turkish Singer Murat Gogebakan Dies
Murat Gogebakan, renowned Turkish rock singer, has died of a heart attack due to
Turks Abroad Get First Overseas Polling Booths
Turkish nationals living abroad will be able to vote in their country of residence for the first tim
US Denies Alleged Obama-Netanyahu Transcript
The United States has vehemently denied an alleged leak of an explosive transcript of a conversation
Bolivia Condemns Israel As 'Terrorist State'
Bolivian President Evo Morales lambasts Israel over military offensive in Gaza and tears up a long-s
Support for Erdogan hits 59% in Turkey: Gallup Poll
Gallup World Poll says while 60% of ethnic Turks are satisfied with Erdogan's leadership, this rate
Many Rohingya in Myanmar's Camps Forced To Miss Eid
While sweeping gov't reforms raised hopes for many across Myanmar, Rohingya’s suffering goes from
Israel Strikes 5 Gaza Mosques
The army said that Israeli forces also destroyed three tunnels in the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hour
US Issues Additional Russia Sanctions
'Russia’s actions in Ukraine and the sanctions that we’ve already imposed have made a weak Russi
Gaza Death Toll Rises To 1283
The Palestinian death toll from a devastating Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip rose to 1283, acco
Israeli Army Intensifies Strikes On Gaza
Israeli raids totally destroyed the three mosques in Al-Shati refugee camp in western Gaza City.
Turkey Snubs Jewish body's Call to Return Erdogan Award
American Jewish Congress' call for return of Courage Award following Turkish PM's criticism of Israe
Israel Targets UNRWA Car, Kills 2
Two people were killed on Tuesday by Israeli shelling of a United Nations Relief and Works Agency ca
Paragliders Color Turkey's Western Sky
Turkey's southwestern coast is luring paraglider pilots and tourists from around the world.
US in Conference with Allies Amid Raging Conflicts
Obama speaks with British, French, German and Italian counterparts to discuss Ukraine, Gaza, Libya a
Gaza's Death Toll Rises To 1191
The Palestinian death toll from ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since July 7 has risen to
Turkey Delivers Medical Aid to Gaza
When they reached Gaza, the three shipments were received by the Palestinian Red Crescent
Religious Displacement Hits Peak: US Report
Syria, Central African Republic and Burma lead the world in displacing people on grounds of religiou
US: Russia Has Violated 1987 Missile Treaty
An administration official said the breach was a “very serious matter,” and the U.S. had attempt
110 Israeli Troops Killed In Gaza War: Hamas
Israeli army said Tuesday that its forces struck 150 targets in the Gaza Strip overnight.
Turkey’s PM Calls On UN To Stop Israeli Aggression
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the bombardment of Gaza was 'killing humanity'.
Gaza's Death Toll Reaches 1119
Al-Qodra said eight Palestinians were killed and 20 others injured by two separate Israeli strikes i
US Strikes Back At Israeli Criticism Of Kerry
A State Department spokeswoman said: 'It’s simply not the way that partners and allies treat each
Turkish PM Questions Israeli Ceasefire Motives
Neither Israeli's nor Egypt under Al-Sisi are willing to get aid to help the Palestinians in Gaza, s
Israel Rejects Eid 'Humanitarian Truce' In Gaza: Hamas
Israel has not yet responded to the proposal.
Gaza's Death Toll Rises To 1045
Two Palestinians were killed by an Israeli strike on the northern part of the Gaza Strip, Health Min
Eid al-Fitr Starts Monday in 100 Countries
Five countries – Oman, Morocco, Gabon, Tanzania and Azerbaijan - have so far announced that Eid al
Turkey: Gaza's Plight Dominates Political Eid Messages
Shadow of slaughter of Palestinians looms over three-day Eid al-Fitr holiday
UN Calls for another 24-Hour Cease-Fire in Gaza
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked for yet another extension of the humanitarian cease-fire in G
UN Says 14,000 Have Fled Crimea since Joining Russia
The fourth report from the United Nations' human rights agency on Ukraine said most of those leaving
Obama Urges 'Immediate, Unconditional' Gaza Cease-Fire
U.S. President Barack Obama called for an 'immediate, unconditional' cease-fire during a phone call
Turkish FM Calls For 'Two-Sided' Gaza Ceasefire
Ahmet Davutoglu says no sustainable truce is possible if reality of Hamas is ignored, hours before I
Pro-Palestine Demonstrators March To UN Office in Geneva
Hundreds of people march to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at P
Israel Is Perpetrating Genocide In Gaza, Says Erdogan
PM Erdogan: “Eventually the right will prevail and the oppressor will go to hell”
No Eid For Muslim Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh
Rohingya refugees from Myanmar face difficult conditions in camps in Bangladesh
Israel Is Disingenuous About Peace: Turkish FM
Turkish FM Davutoglu slams Israeli government as being disingenuous about the peace efforts.
Israel Blocks Entry To Gaza Border Areas Amid Truce
"The eastern border areas in the Gaza Strip are under a partial Israeli siege," Said al-Saudi, head
Turkey's Deputy PM: Israel A Threat To World Peace
Chair of D8 group of developing countries with large Muslim populations condemns Israel's "inhumane
Turkey Lifts Block On Flights To Ben Gurion Airport
Ban on Turkish carriers flying to Israeli airport lifted until further notice.
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