Majority of Polls Agree on AK Party Victory in Elections

With only two weeks left before the upcoming June 7 elections, polling companies have unveiled the results of their election surveys. Most of the surveys predict that the AK Party will receive more than 45 percent of the vote and will continue to lead as a single party

Majority of Polls Agree on AK Party Victory in Elections
With only two weeks left before the upcoming June 7 elections, polling companies have unveiled the r
Fed's Yellen Expects Rate Hike 'Some Point This Year'
Janet Yellen said Friday she expects the Federal Reserve to begin raising interest rates "at some po
Europe's First Airport on an Artificial Island Opens in Turkey's Ordu province
Europe’s first artificial airport opened between the northern Turkish provinces of Ordu and Giresu
Turkey to Donate $1 Million to Help Rohingya Muslims
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Wednesday guaranteed that Turkey would pay $1 million to the Inte
Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe Increases Turkey’s Seats
Turkish delegation to assembly would now become same size as those of France, Germany, Italy, Russia
Eastern Saudi Arabia Mosque Bombing Leaves 20 Dead
Several other people were injured – some critically – by the bombing, the Arabic-language Saudi
Still No Deal on US-Cuba Embassies after Latest Talks
'We have continued to make progress,' says US
UNESCO Membership Empowers Palestine against Israel
Palestine became 195th full member
Akdogan: No Response From Armenia To Turkish Initiatives
Turkey took steps to normalize relations with Armenia, but got no response, Turk
US Says Daesh Strategy Still On Track
The White House will stick to its strategy to defeat Daesh despite Ramadi falling to the milita
Obama On Iran Nuclear Deal: ‘It’s My Name On This’
President Barack Obama made a personal claim of responsibility for the outcome of nuclear talks with
6 US Police Officers Indicted In Death Of Freddie Gray
All six police officers involved in the death of an unarmed black man who suffered in
Obama to Upgrade Tunisia’s Status to Major Non-NATO Ally
Only four other Arab nations have the high-level designation
US Says Willing to Take in Rohingya Boat People
The United States is willing to take in Rohingya refugees as part of international efforts to cope w
Turkey's Biggest Museum Complex to Open in Şanlıurfa
Featuring 10,000 artifacts, including 1,500 from the Neolithic Age, the Haleplibahçe Museum Complex
Fall of Ramadi to ISIS a Tactical Setback, Says Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama said the fall of the Iraqi city of Ramadi to the self-proclaimed Islamic
Rohingya Express Hope of Life Beyond Bangladeshi Camps
Thousands of Rohingya refugees have left lives in Bangladeshi camps in search of opportunities in Ma
Daesh Seizes Syria’s Palmyra Historical Site
At least 15 people have been reportedly killed in airstrikes allegedly carried out by Syrian regime
Tajikistan to 'Shut Down' Gulen-Run Schools
A network of schools run by the U.S.-based preacher, Fethullah Gulen, in Tajikistan will be reopened
'Enemy Law' Gives Israel Excuse to not Pay Iran $1.1B
Despite a Swiss arbitration court orders to Israel to pay Iran $1.1B over an oil pipeline dispute, l
Russian Bombers Spotted Over Sweden's Oland Island
Two Russian bombers flying through international airsplace over Sweden's Oland Island in the Baltic
Satellite Center Marks Turkey's First Step Into Space
Center for testing satellites officially opens as Turkey branches into space industry.
Syrian Observatory: Daesh Now Controls 50 Percent Of Syria
Daesh is now present in 10 out of 14 Syrian provinces.
Dollar, Euro Volatile On Fed Delay, Greek Default Fears
The euro dropped about 3 percent against the dollar to a two-week low on Thursday, as fears of
Assad Uses Daesh To Weaken Moderate Forces: Turkish Presidential Spokesman
Ibrahim Kalin says regime allows Daesh to advance in northern Syria 'to weaken the anti-regime force
U.S. Special Envoy to Syria: US, Turkey Agree on Need to Topple Assad
As part of ongoing efforts to bring about a political solution to the Syrian conflict, U.S. Special
US Releases Osama Bin Laden's Secret Documents
Files include bin Laden's communications with family, other al Qaeda leaders
Canada: Police Arrest 10 for 'Trying to Join Daesh'
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has said the suspects have been taken into custody from the Pierre
Olympic Committee Strips US Athletes of 2012 Medals
IOC disqualifies USA men's 4x100 relay team of 2012 London Olympics because of Tyson Gay's one-year
Boat People Offered Temporary Shelter After Malaysia Meet
Malaysia and Indonesia agree to shelter thousands of Rohingya and Bengali migrants for one year - bu
Turkey To Send Four-Ton Aid Supplies To Quake-Hit Nepal
Emergency agency AFAD continues aid to Nepal after last month's tremor that killed over 8,000 people
Israel Suspends Bus Ban On W. Bank Palestinians
According to Israeli Radio, the plan is aimed at reducing the risk ostensibly posed by Palestinian l
Ukraine Fighting 'Real War' With Russia: Poroshenko
Ukraine president says two recently captured Russian soldiers is evidence of Moscow involvement in o
New York Commemorates Malcolm X's 90th Birthday
Malcolm X was 'man who continually evolved, who continually transformed himself,' says daughter Ilya
Turkey Gains Support Abroad to Close Gülen Schools
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has listed the alleged offenses of the Gülen Movement, which o
"Europe Should Address the Root Causes of Radicalization"
Europe should fight against social exclusion of marginalized groups to tackle extremism and radicali
Israeli PM Hints at Resuming Talks with Palestinians
'Many states around us have common interests with us; they see Israel as a central partner in fendin
Around 25,000 Iraqis Leave Ramadi
Thousands flee following Daesh's capture of western city
Erdogan Marks 'First Brick' of Turkish Independence
Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day marks emergence of modern nation.
Youth and Sports Day Marks Emergence of Modern Turkey
Official ceremony in Ankara starts day of celebration
US: Slain Daesh Commander Key To Group’s Finances
A recently slain senior Daesh commander was “central” to the group’s financing, the State Depa
TRT World Launches Test Broadcast
Turkey’s state-run television channel TRT launched Monday a test broadcast of its English news ser
Fate Of Abandoned Rohingya At Mercy Of World Community
Advocacy groups call for international community to do more to help world's most persecuted refugee
US Court Rules Against Removal Of Anti-Islam Clip On Youtube
A U.S. court's order that Google remove an Islamophobic video from its YouTube site was an infringem
ATAA and TURANT Hold Forum at SMU on 1915 ‘Turkish-Armenian Tragedy
Two Turkish groups held a program Thursday at Southern Methodist University that focused on the “T
White House Halting Some Military Gear to Police
Provision of military equipment constrained amid outcry following heavy-handed crackdown in Ferguson
Turkey Marks 71st Anniversary of Crimean Tatar Exile
Turkish President Erdogan says exile was a 'shameful black stain in history'
Turkey's Cuneyt Cakir to Referee Champions League Final
UEFA releases statement on Monday evening saying the 38-year-old was chosen as the referee of the fi
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