The Amazing Story of Turkey's First TV Broadcast

Saturday marks 47th anniversary of the first broadcast of Turkey’s national television channel TRT – but things did not go quite to plan after the historic 1968 event.

The Amazing Story of Turkey's First TV Broadcast
Saturday marks 47th anniversary of the first broadcast of Turkey’s national television channel TRT
US Dollar Sets New Record at 2,4425 Against TL
The U.S. Dollar continued its rise against the Turkish Lira on Friday, setting a new record as parit
Israel Escalates Tension before Elections
The Israeli government has published legal tenders for its new settlement project that will add 430
AFAD Delivers Medical Aid to Ebola-affected West Africa
Turkey continues to extend its helping hand to those who are in need around the world through its st
Obama in India Pushes Pakistan to Play China Card
Analysts say Pakistan army chief travelled to Beijing to show US it has other regional allies
NATO to Establish Command Centers in Eastern Europe
NATO plans to install centers in six of its eastern member countries to 'counter' Russia.
Turkey's FM Wants End To 'Pressure' On Crimean Tatars
Mevlut Cavusolu comments after Crimean Tatar leader detained by Russian security forces.
US Says It Won’t Return Guantanamo Bay To Cuba
'The naval base is not something that we believe should be closed.'
Turkey's Erdogan Praises Presidential System
'I believe that with the presidential system, we will make more progress concerning the rights and f
Turkey Reopens Border Gate for Refugee Exits into Syria
Southern Cilvegozu border crossing remained shut since Monday after random gunfire from Syria's Bab
“Wahhabism, Western Double Standards behind ISIL's Rise”
On Thursday, the New York-based HRW released its annual report for the status of human rights around
Turkey: Detentions Soar in Latest ‘Parallel State’ Operation
Two more policemen suspected in illegal wiretapping probe surrender, increasing number of detentions
Imams to Lead Organ Donation Efforts in Turkey
Yesterday, Turkey's state-run Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB) launched a new campaign for ima
Turkey Arrests British Man Who Crossed Over from Syria
Cabdiwahb Cige Moxamed allegedly crossed over into Turkey's southern Hatay province from Syria in an
Yılmaz Erdoğan Wins Best Supporting Actor at Australian Oscars
Turkish actor, writer and director Yılmaz Erdoğan was awarded Best Supporting Actor for his role i
Dollar Near Historic High Against Turkish Lira
Dollar surged as Federal Reserve observes solid growth and head of Turkey's Central Bank hints at fu
Obama Phones Tsipras Following Election Victory
Tsipras' Syriza won 36.3 percent of the vote in Sunday's elections
Hollande Urges New Period Of Turkey-Armenia Relations
French president urges two nations to start a new period of bilateral relations
Russia Speaks To Syrian Government
Foreign minister told his guests that Russians are Syria's "sincere friends."
US Muslim Leaders Say Free Speech Should Respect Faith
'When you provoke Europe to commit hate crimes against Muslims, then you alienate all Muslims rather
Armenia Faces Turkey over Genocide Denial Case
Turkish politician Doğu Perinçek confronted a defense team for Armenia at a hearing at the Europea
Gov’t Prepares To Confront Gülen Schools Abroad with New Institutions
National Education Minister, Nabi Avcı, presented the details of a draft law to the Cabinet on Mond
McCain Supports Davutoğlu’s Advice on Syria
Republican U.S. Senator John McCain has expressed support for Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's sugg
Over 20,000 Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq: Report
20,730 foreign fighters, including about 11,000 people from the Middle East, went to Iraq and Syria.
Turkey’s Population Figures Released
Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) has released the latest figures on Turkey's population. Accor
'New Transformation Package the Backbone of Economic Development'
Turkey's third Package of Preferential Transformation Programs aims to increase activity in the dome
US Stuck Between Two Enemies in Yemen
Al-Qaeda's influence on the Sunni population and Iran's influence on Houthis put contraints on the U
Israeli Warplanes Strike Syrian Military Posts in Golan
Israeli army spokesman Peter Lerner on Twitter confirmed that Israeli warplanes targeted Syrian "art
Turkey Expects US To Extradite Preacher Fethullah Gulen
Turkish justice minister believes the US will respond positively if Turkey decides to extend a reque
Turkey's Population Exceeds 77.5 Million
Turkish Statistical Institute releases results of 2014 Address-based Population Registration System.
Senate Democrats Pledge To Hold Off On New Iran Sanctions
'We appreciate the recognition that our negotiators could use some additional time and space,' said
Politician Takes On Armenia In ‘Genocide’ Denial Case
Turkish opposition Labor Party leader Doğu Perinçek left for Strasbourg yesterday where he will at
42nd Anniversary of Modern Armenian Terrorism
Assassination of Los Angeles Turkish Consul General Marks 42nd Anniversary of Modern Armenian Terror
Dr. Oz in Trouble for Promoting Ineffective Products
The Federal Trade Commission in the US has decided that the diet products promoted by Mehmet Oz—a
Canada to Sell Citizenship to 60 Millionaires
Applications begin Jan. 28 under new version of 'cash for citizenship' program
Erdogan: Solution Process Not a Bargaining Process
Turkey will not take any steps which would 'hurt the memories of martyrs,' president says
ISIL Threatens to Kill 2 Foreign Hostages in 24 hrs
In video footage posted on YouTube, Kenji Goto, a Japanese freelance journalist abducted while cover
Clerics Join Forces Against Islamophobia and Infighting
A group of Muslim clerics from around the world, headed by Turkey’s Presidency of Religious Affair
US Condemns Violence Against Egyptian Protesters
At least 23 are killed in violence that mars fourth anniversary of Egyptian uprising
Turkey To Observe Holocaust Remembrance Day
FM Cavusoglu will go to Poland to attend a ceremony at Nazi-era death camps, while Turkish parliamen
US: 90 Percent Of Kobani Freed From ISIL
Approximately 90 percent of the northern Syrian town of Kobani has been freed from Islamic
Turkish General To Visit DC in The Midst Of Syria Disagreement
General Hulusi Akar, commander of the Turkish Land Forces, will visit Washington, D.C., from January
1,444 Roses To Commemorate The Prophet in NYC
Members of the Turkish American Muslim community are planning to hand out 1,444 roses to people in T
Turkey Seeks To Replace Gülen Schools with Government-Endorsed Ones
Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), which is seeking to close Gülen schools a
US Embassy in Yemen Shuts Doors Amid Turmoil
The embassy said it was unable to offer regular consular services due to continued security concerns
Germany’s Ugly Legacy: Is Hitler's Racist Hatred Back?
PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann revealed the movement's real sentiments last week when he posted on a s
Tsipras Sworn In As New Greek Prime Minister
Leader of leftist Syriza party becomes youngest PM in history of Greece shortly after coalition gove
Turkey Surpasses US in Humanitarian Aid across World
Turkey has distributed a huge amount of humanitarian aid worldwide and has even outpaced the U.S., w
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"Cumhuriyetçiler, Ülkeyi Yönetebileceklerini Kanıtlamak Zorunda”
Dolar/TL Kuru 2,44’ü Aştı
Yurtdışı Genç Liderler 2015 Programına Müracaatlar Başladı
ABD: Türk Akımının Ardında Neyin Yattığı Açık Değil
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