19th Boston Turkish Arts And Culture Festival Ends

Boston Turkish Festival, which celebrated its 19th year in 2014, has come to an end. The photography exhibition by Helga Felleisen, “In the Rhythm of Time: Southeastern Anatolia”, on view at Boston University Howard Thurman Center, was planned to end on December 15th but is extended until February 2015 due to high demand by the festival followers.

19th Boston Turkish Arts And Culture Festival Ends
Boston Turkish Festival, which celebrated its 19th year in 2014, has come to an end. The photography
Ceremony Celebrates Completion of Water Tank Project in Indian Country
The recent completion of Oregon's Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (CTWS) water tank project cons
Erdogan Calls On EU To Respect Turkey’s Judiciary
"You will respect the decisions of Turkish judiciary and the rule of law," says Erdogan in caustic r
Obama Strikes Upbeat Tone On US Present, Future
In his final 2014 press conference, U.S. president hails American leadership abroad and the upswing
Peshmerga Seize Town Near Mosul From ISIL
Kurdish security forces wrestle control of Sinjar from ISIL militants, who suffered another defeat f
Turkey, Qatar Share Concerns in Syria, Iraq: Erdogan
Turkish President Erdogan has said that Turkey and Qatar stand together with the oppressed people of
My Story: Muslim Reporter Threatened in Paris Metro
Just the snarling of the racist -- and the silence of the other riders. A Muslim reporter's fear on
Turkish Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Gulen in 'Parallel State' Probe
Turkish criminal court issues arrest warrant Friday for U.S.-based preacher Fethullah Gulen in "para
Turkey Denies Links with Alleged 'Spies' In Germany
Three Turks detained recently in Germany are not linked with Turkey's National Intelligence Organiza
No Turning Back in US-Cuba Relations
There will be no turning back in the recent thaw in diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba,
US Singles Out North Korea in Sony Hack Attack
FBI says it has information indicating that the secretive country was involved
Turkey, Qatar Share Concerns in Syria, Iraq: Erdogan
Turkish President Erdogan has said that Turkey and Qatar stand together with the oppressed people of
Istanbul Court Arrests Four in 'Parallel State' Probe
Freed newspaper editor tells supporters: 'There is no way back from democracy, freedom of speech and
Turkey Decides To Arrest Fethullah Gulen
Turkey has decided to arrest Fethullah Gulen, the Nurchu movement leader currently residing in the U
Oud Master Ismail Hakki Fencioğlu Performed In Boston
Oud master İsmail Hakkı Fencioğlu captivated the audience at a concert in Boston, as a part of th
US Airstrikes Killing Top ISIL Leaders
The loss of leadership has diminished ISIL's ability to conduct operations against local fighters, a
Obama Signs Bill To Assist Ukraine As He Admonishes Russia
The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 allows the U.S. to help Ukraine restore its sovereignty and
US Will Not Support Palestinian Draft UN Resolution
The resolution aims to end Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands by 2017.
White House Says Castro Visit To U.S. A Possibility
"I wouldn't rule out a visit from President Castro,” says White House press secretary Josh Earnest
Gov’t Announces Structural Reforms to Transform Turkish Economy
Government focuses on structural reforms for sustainable growth, promises to rise savings, increasin
12 Gülenist Suspects Referred To Court With An Arrest Demand
12 out of 16 Gülenist suspects detained under the scope of the December 14 Tahşiye case, including
"Turkey Ready To Confront" PM on Turmoil
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu reaffirms commitment to fiscal discipline by saying 'Oil price slump
Turkish FM Calls for Palestinian State on 1967 Borders
Israel's 'aggressive and ugly attitude' towards holy places in Palestine has brought new chaos to th
Castro Urges End To US Embargo On Cuba
President Raul Castro urges Washington to lift its trade and economic embargo on the communist islan
Putin Says Economy May Take Two Years To Recover
Russian president has come together with journalists for the annual Q&A session.
US Fed Takes ‘Patient’ Approach To Interest Rate Hike
Analysts do not expect rate rise but foresee clearer path to a tighter money policy; emerging market
UN Draft Imposes Deadline For Israeli Occupation
Jordan submits a Security Council draft resolution setting deadline for Israel to return to 1967 bor
ATAA Remembers Victims of Armenian Terrorism
On this day...  December 17, 1980 - Sydney, Australia
US, Cuba to Open Talks On Normalizing Relations
The announcement comes as American contractor Alan Gross, 65, was released Wednesday from a Cuban pr
Erdogan Invites Preacher to Join Detainees
President Erdogan has invited a controversial U.S.-based preacher Fethullah Gulen to Turkey to join
EU Court Rules Hamas Removed from Terror List
EU, Germany, U.K. say the court's decision is a legal ruling, not a political decision, which will b
Senol Kazanci Appointed AA's New Director General
Senol Kazanci has been appointed the new director general of The Anadolu Agency, the AA’s board of
Obama 'Intends' To Sign Russia Sanctions Bill
New sanctions bill require the American president to impose at least three sanctions on Russia-owned
US to Bid for 2024 Summer Olympics
US Olympic Committee will choose among Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Washington DC to presen
Ottoman Keyboard Attracts Great Interest
Quran printer's launch of Ottoman Turkish keyboard attracts considerable attention, as language to b
Former Member of Gülen Movement Denies Operation about Media Freedom
Former member of the Gülen Movement, columnist Hüseyin Gülerce, who is currently critical of the
Red Notice May Be Issued Against Fethullah Gülen, Media Reports
Reportedly, a Red Notice to be issued for the head of the Gülen Movement, Fethullah Gülen, is on t
Turkey Announces National Mourning over Pakistan Attack
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced one day of national mourning on Wednesday for more
Rule of Law versus the War of Perception: The Tahşiye Case
The extraordinary developments of the past few months are causing a high degree of misperception and
Turkey’s Central Bank Makes Historic Move to Curb US Dollar’s Rise
As the US Dollar tested 2.414 record-high level against Turkish Lira on Tuesday, Turkey's Central Ba
Taliban Gunmen Attack Army-Run School in Pakistan
Some 132 people have been killed, more than 100 of whom are announced as students, and scores more i
4 More Freed in Turkish 'Parallel State' Operation
The freed individuals worked on a TV series known as One Turkey that broadcasts on Samanyolu TV, whi
Basketball: Philadelphia Sign Turkish Rebounding Ace
The 23-year-old rebounding specialist Furkan Aldemir joins the Sixers after terminating his contract
Rohingya's Two Years Of Despair in Myanmar Camps
Scrawny chickens and mangy dogs mingle with raggedly clothed children and exhausted adults on the du
UN Resolution Violated in Syria, Says Humanitarian Chief
Valerie Amos says the Assad regime has continued to use barrel bombs despite a Security Council reso
9th Boston Turkish Documentary and Short Film Competition Results Announced
Boston Turkish Documentary and Short Film Competition, the first documentary and short film competit
PM: We Have Documents Showing PKK, Gülen Movement Relation
Following provincial meetings in four different Turkish cities over the weekend, Prime Minister Ahme
Five Killed in US Shooting Spree
Killings appear to be related to a domestic dispute, according to local media
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ABD ve Kanada’nın Yeni Yaptırım Kararına Rusya’dan Sert Tepki
CIA ve Mossad Prodüksiyonu Görünmez Şeyh
John Kerry'den Kuzey Kore'ye Kınama
ABD Dışişleri Bakanlığı Sözcüsüne Fethullah Gülen Sorusu
Obama: Sony Keşke Önce Benimle Konuşsaydı
ABD Askerleri Irak'a Gitmeye Hazır
“Siber Saldırının Arkasında Kuzey Kore Var”
Gülen İçin Uluslararası Arama Başlatılacak
Robocop Gerçek Oldu: Protezleri Beyni ile Yönetiyor
"Kararlarda Siyasi Bir Etki Yok"
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