As you celebrate during this holiday season, keep these important safety tips in mind.

  • DO park your car in a busy and well-lit area of a parking lot.
  • DO shop and travel with companions whenever possible.
  • DO keep your windows rolled up and lock doors when you are in your car.
  • DO look in the rear of your car before entering to make sure no one is there.
  • DO be suspicious of anyone asking you for money or wanting to share money with you.
  • DO lock the doors to your house or apartment when you leave, even if it is

just to stop by your neighbor's home.

  • Don’t carry large sums of money.  Take only what you need or use a credit or debit


  • Don’t give out personal information to strangers, especially credit cards and

PIN numbers.

  • Don’t hang your purse from your shoulder. Carry it in your hand or as close to your

body as possible. Never place your purse on the floor or in a baby carriage.

  • Don’t resist if an attempt is made to take your wallet or purse.  Your safety is more imporant than any personal possession.
  • Don't drink and drive.

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Charles J. Hynes