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It was a very busy week for America, and of course for New York too.


Last Thursday, 19 January evening, one day before President-elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration, thousands gathered outside of the Trump International Hotel near Columbus Circle in New York City at an anti-Donald Trump rally. “We Stand United” rally was organized by Michael Moore and Mark Ruffalo and joined by celebrities, civil rights activists, elected officials to send a message to President-elect Trump and Congress that New York will protect the rights of people and the environment.


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Thousands gathered to protest President-elect Donald Trump.


Participants included actors Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, Cher, Julienne Moore, Sally Field, Cynthia Nixon, Rosie Perez, Marissa Tomei and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, his wife First Lady Chirlane McCray, Reverend Al Sharpton and more.


Michael Moore, “we are the majority.  Don’t give up! I won’t give up.  Don’t give up!  NO, NO, NO!


Crowd raised their “NO” signs, and repeated “NO, NO, NO”


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Michael Moore talking to crowd at “We Stand United” rally.


Michael Moore “This is the beginning of our ‘100 Days of Resistance’. Every single day call 202-225-3121 to contact one of your senators. But I like to think positively that it is going to take us (only) 100 days.”


Mayor de Blasio :“Tomorrow, Donald Trump will have power,” said, and he reminded “ but, tomorrow, you will have power as well. Donald Trump may control the agenda in Washington, but we control our destiny as Americans. And tonight is an example of people coming together to make clear what we believe is the future of our country and how we will fight for it. 


“Today, we recognize that we are building something. You know, Donald Trump always liked to say he built a movement. Well, now it’s time for us to build our movement. And that starts tonight, and it’s all over the country. Tonight, tomorrow, in the days to come – a movement building to protect all the gains we’ve made and protect the rights of our people.”


And he continued: “And, tomorrow, my friends – tomorrow is not an end, tomorrow is a beginning. Get ready to build the nation we always believed in together.” 


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Alec Baldwin and Robert De Niro’s speech had more sense of humour. Alec Baldwin gave more Donald Trump impressions. De Niro made fun of Trump’s Tweeter and said you’ll see this soon “De Niro should return his Oscar” and continued “Whatever happens we are Americans, we are New Yorkers. We stand united to our rights and to our fellow citizens’” 


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 Mark Ruffalo said we came together to protect each other “We are not protesters, we are the people protectors” Ruffalo said.


The message was "to stand united and send a message to President-elect Trump and Congress that New York City will protect the rights of residents and will continue to make real progress on important issues such as healthcare, climate change, social justice and immigrant rights."


“We Stand United” rally ended with most of the speakers on the stage singing “This Land is Your Land.”


Mark Ruffalo reminded, “today marks the first ‘100 Days of Resistance, peaceful, loving resistance’. Now go home peacefully. See you on Saturday for the “Women’s March”.  Good night!”


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