In the resent months the blatantly anti- Turkish news in the media,  about our NATO ally of the Republic of Turkey is accused of abuse upon the Kurdish people, an allegation which is void of historical accuracy.

The fact is Turkish Kurds are first class citizen. The fact is  some media reports also wrongly assert or insinuate that Turkey's citizens who sport Kurdish ethnicity groan under discrimination or oppression that explains or partially justifies the Kurdish PKK Terrorist Organization. The PKK is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union since 1984; more than 40,000 people have perished in the violent attacks launched by the PKK against Turkey. The Republic of Turkey does not have a problem with its Kurdish citizen.  Turkey's Kurds are equal under the Constitution. They are equal by every political, economic or social benchmark. They enjoy equality in the franchise, the right preservative of all rights.

Kurds are fairly represented in the corridors of power. They serve at the highest levels of the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Kurds have been president, prime minister, and the leader  and ( Acting ) of the National Assembly (Parliament ). Kurds similarly flourish in the arts and entertainment. There is no stigmatizing "ethnic" line or segregation between Kurds and non-Kurds in Turkey. Intermarriage is commonplace. Kurds enjoy equal access to jobs, business opportunities, education, housing, credit and otherwise. Nondiscrimination is the legal and operative rule. And equal access has been matched with equal Kurdish success in these endeavors.

Kurds enjoy the same freedom of political association, freedom of expression and freedom of religion as other Turkish citizens. Turkey's democracy has been responsive to Kurdish special aspirations and grievances. Broadcasting in Kurdish is now permitted, as is private instruction in the many Kurdish dialects. The latter has languished, however, because Kurds in Turkey have preserved their languages and covet fluency in Turkish for the same reason Americans of disparate backgrounds strive for fluency in English. In 1991 our NATO ally of the Republic of Turkey when Iraqi Kurds were escaping the poison gas of Saddam Hussein, they crossed through what the Kurds called: ”Their freedom gate”! brought them into the Turkish Homeland as Syrian Kurds are doing today  where they received housing, medical care , and food, from the Turkish people and military!! And today this is still the fact as Northern parts of Iraq which has a very large Kurdish population is prosperous only case of Turkeys soft power. Turkey is not bombing Kurds but helping the right ones like the Kurdish Peshmerga.  Turkey is only going after the Kurdish PYD,  PKK,YPG Terrorist  organization over the border(s) in Iraq and Syria  - This hot pursuit has been going on since the first Gulf War in Iraq and now in Syria.  The above group of Kurds have publicly said they want to destroy Turkey  that they have publicly expressed their wish to have – to take part of your land and come up with a so called ”Kurdistan” .  Isn't it interesting that the United States has proclaimed again and again it has a right to defend itself against terrorists to any extent necessary anywhere in the world, and U.S. actions have proven it . But one of America's most loyal friends Turkey has no such right.

In a region where impressions are important, counties must be careful not to demonstrate weakness and surrender to extremists and terrorists. If the extremists and terrorists are appeased and if they feel that we are backing down, they will sense victory and become more dangerous. Staunchly opponents of terrorism can’t be hypocrites in telling Turkey not to defend them self’s. Our NATO ally Turkey equally to has a right to defend her people against fanatical and destructive forces, even if the solution entails entering a neighboring state that is unable or unwilling to control terrorist activities in its territory. The PYD,  PKK, YPG  terrorist activities have been largely ignored, or covered under euphemisms such as “freedom fighters” and “separatists.”  Good terrorist, bad terrorist classification is unacceptable. PYD,  PKK,YPG are  terrorist organizations of universal scale. PKK continues to be one of the most dangerous international terrorist organizations.  In a simple definition, there is no difference between PYD,  PKK, YPG  And ISIS  or  Al Qaeda.

The questions is...  What would any nation do to protect its self against terrorist who display to destroy our great country of America or UK or Israel. I also wonder what would the State of Israel do to protect her security against such thugs. I wonder how Churchill dealt with thugs .Well let me remind you cause I feel you have a void in memory as I do sometimes. Churchill’s  said “ There is no place for compromise  when one is out to destroy you and who wants to attack  your homeland” Churchill wrote “in choosing between civilized restraint and the British  peoples and the nations security and survival, he never hesitated

Turkey is a frontline state and America's closest friend in the war against terrorism. Turkey has the right to defend itself against PYD, PKK, YPG  terrorism, wherever they  may be. The United States has the duty to help our NATO ally of the Republic of Turkey help itself to incapacitate the PYD, PKK, YPG  terrorism. Among other acts of treason against Turkey, the Kurds expressed their “appreciation” by BURNING the glorious Turkish flags, bombing the cities inside Turkey and killing the innocent. I stand in awe of the Turkish people!!

Ibrahim Kurtulus
Turkish American Community Activities